Good design doesn't have to cost a fortune. And a new website doesn't have to take months.

You know how important a beautiful website is for your business. But what you don’t know is that having one is easier than you realize.

You want a website you’re proud of that shows off your unique creative business.
You want a website that speaks directly to your ideal client and does your selling for you.
And you want a website that is easy to shift and evolve as your business grows.

To top it all off, you want this website without having to sell a kidney to pay a designer, without spending a year making it happen, and without banging your head against the wall trying to DIY your way to something beautiful. 

It seems like there's a secret out there that no one is telling you: the secret of how to make a kickass killer website. And you want in. 

Sorry to break it to you, Sweets, but the secret isn't about any one offer or designer or having a website with all the bells and whistles. It's about The Brand and simple yet effective design. The Brand that is your business. The Brand that is what you stand for. The Brand that is the so what? and who cares? of what you do. 

And the things you’re jealous of in everyone else’s business? The elaborate websites and fancy headshots and clever copy? These are born from the clarity of voice and the originality of the concepts. Only then can the Brand shine through every single facet of your business’s presence and visuals.

It all starts with The Brand and ends with design. And a crush-worthy brand and website of your own is so much closer than you realize.



Welcome to BrandCrush, a class designed to give you the 1-2 punch of brand clarity and stunning web design to show your business off to the world.



You want to do the work you love. With the people you love. BrandCrush will help you get there. 

Combining the business expertise of a brand strategist and creative director with the visual design know-how of a graphic designer and art director, BrandCrush is your new business secret weapon.  

While you will do the work of building your site (hello, empowerment!), we've crafted the method you need to follow and will be with you every step of the way as you put the pieces together. If you've been dreaming of an easier can-someone-just-tell-me-what-to-do solution - this is it. 

You will learn:

  • how to define your brand so that it's rooted in your personal values
  • how to use that definition to craft content that articulates what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for
  • how to incorporate your Brand into your business's visual design identity, including your logo and color palette
  • how to build a website that connects all the dots and makes your business sing!

Bonus: you'll also have the community of support you need to make your vision real.

You will not only walk away with a gorgeous website but also the know-how to talk about your work in a way that turns all the right heads and the empowerment to get out there and crush it.  

It's your turn, Sweets. Game on.


how it works.png


We start by figuring out the magic combination of what you (really) do, who you (really) do it for, and how your work is different from everyone else's. (Don't worry. It is. Trust.) 

Next we look at what's missing from the message you're currently sending out to the world and what needs to happen to get you on the road to changing that. Stat. 

This step is the key to our entire process...and your entire Brand.


Then you'll learn how to take your oh-so-fresh brand vision and turn it into your story - in the form of website copy. (It doesn't have to be so scary!) Using our proven BrandCrush process, you'll soon be confident and empowered to say what you really want to say and create the website of your dreams. That's right: YOUR DREAMS. It's that good.

You can have the world's most beautiful website, but without compelling (and on-brand!) copy, it won't take you anywhere. This is crucial to building a website that is as effective as it is gorgeous.


Next step: logo and colors! Based on your newfound clarity, you'll choose a logo design and color palette from a selection created exclusively for BrandCrush. We'll show you how to run with your chosen design and customize it to fit your business name, how to use your new color palette, and how to wrap up all your new brand assets into a handy + gorgeous little style guide. (There might also be some surprise design goodies!)

No more following trends or trying to find the most creative solution. We'll teach you how to apply your newfound branding knowledge to the visual aspects of your brand so everything works together like the dancing girls emoji.


All your work culminates in a step-by-step build-your-own-website tutorial where we walk you through the easy-to-follow process of putting all the pieces together in your very own Squarespace site. You'll learn all of Erin's secrets for making your site look custom and adorbs: none of that template-y shiz that brings you down. Your biz deserves more than a cookie-cutter anything.

Whether you get your site done in 3 days (baller!), 3 weeks, or 3 months, you'll also receive lifetime access to these videos so you can reference and rewatch them whenever you need to.


You'll also receive 6 weeks of support from Tiffany and Erin, cuz you know that questions are going to come up and you can't let that get in your way anymore! It's time to follow through and do the work, and we've made it as easy as possible. Think: weekly office hours, a Facebook community for 24/7 support, access to 1-on-1 coaching, and pep talks on the regular. #thebest


This works because we know what questions to ask to pull your brilliance up to the surface. And we know how to pair that clarity with the design that makes it all sing.

Tiffany’s superpower is teaching you how to take the jumble of ideas in your head that you have deemed a hot mess and single out the nugget of Hot Yes that is your What, your Why, and your How. You’ll walk away with the clarity you need to know why you stand out, how you are different from your competition, and what you offer that is exactly what your Ideal Client needs.

With your very own Creative Director in your pocket, you'll be on the fast track to brand certainty. From here? The design becomes the thread that knits all of this fabric together.

Erin's superpower is making the design process easy, accessible, and effective. She'll show you how to think like a graphic designer by creating simple yet strategic designs that communicate your brand's values and guide your Ideal Client exactly where you want 'em. She'll set you up with the tools and then teach you her easy and foolproof way to put them together on Squarespace. You'll walk away with a site that looks and feels like you and your biz PLUS all the know-how to manage and maintain your site on your own. Hello, freedom!


With the use of colors, fonts, and a logo that resonate with your brand paired with the clean, simple interface of Squarespace, it will all come together in a way that will turn the right heads and get eyeballs on you and your biz - so you can focus on what you came here to do: shake up the world.

We’ve worked with creative women in all sorts of creative businesses ranging from:

  • bloggers
  • jewelers
  • stationery designers
  • copywriters
  • …and so many more! 
  • artists
  • coaches
  • photographers
  • personal trainers
  • Pilates studio owners

No matter what your creative work is or what industry you’re in, BrandCrush will guide you through the steps you need to lay your brand foundation and then find the most gorgeous home to put on it. 

Good design doesn't have to cost a fortune and a good site doesn't have to take months to build. The program is divided into 10 easy-to-follow (and easy-to-follow-through-on) modules that walk you through our proven process of defining your brand, refining your story, and using all that information to craft a website that makes your ideal customers' heads turn.

Isn’t it time? Aren’t you ready?

(Cuz you’re thisclose to Crushin’ It.)




We'll kick off our 6-week lovefest with a welcome video call so we can all meet face-to-virtual-face and fall madly in love. We'll go over program basics, answer any questions, and get PUMPED. It's like the first day of school, but we can wear pajamas and drink coffee.

This is not just another e-course. It's a program where we really get to know you (and your biz!) as we support you through this process and make your brand shine!

The welcome call will be held on Monday, June 5 at 3pm PST and will be recorded and shared in case you aren't able to attend live. 



Self-paced video lessons and worksheets that guide you step-by-step through the process of outlining and defining your brand, your customers, and the messaging needed to bring it all together. Pluuuuuus: how to craft the specific copy and content your new site needs to communicate all your awesomeness to the world. (Cuz it's time, Gorgeous.)

Consistent and high-quality branding is all about building trust with your audience and communicating what you do and how you do it. Our proven process will show you all the ropes and get you to the other side. 


Exclusive BrandCrush logo templates, recommended font pairings for each logo, and professionally-designed, ready-to-go color palettes. You'll get easy video instructions for how to customize the logo templates and color palettes for your business. You'll also learn how to create your own online style guide to house your new brand and design assets so you can access them whenever you need 'em.

This gives you an arsenal of logo and color options (so you'll also be ready to brand that new e-course you've been dreaming about!) and the tools you need to solidify your brand from website to newsletter to social media. Your Style Guide is the key to building trust through your graphic design as you bring your instantly-recognizable new brand to life. 


Step-by-step tutorial videos showing you how to build out your more-than-a-template Squarespace website. Erin will walk you through how to set up your site and main pages (home, about, services, portfolio, contact, and blog), how to add your branding assets, customize your site's formatting, add a newsletter and social media buttons, and special details here and there to make it really shine - basically ALL her secrets.

Not only will you be able to build your new website, you'll also know how to add pages, make changes, and shift things around as your business grows. We're putting you in the driver's seat and teaching you everything you need to know as you drive off into the sunset of biz success!

No more janky websites. No more out-of-the-box templates.
No more being at the mercy of WordPress (and the schedules of your designer and developer!).


Weekly live talk-it-out troubleshooting time with Tiffany and Erin throughout the program so that you can make sure you're clear on your messaging, voice, and website goals.

You'll have a Branding Strategist and a Graphic Designer on your team for 6 weeks! This isn't just an everyone's-muted conference call. These office hours will give you a chance to talk through anything that's holding you back, get real-time design and copy feedback, and have two sets of expert eyes on your work. 

The weekly office hour calls are held on Wednesdays at 3pm PST. All calls will be recorded and shared, and everyone will be able to submit questions in advance in case you aren't able to attend live. 


A private Facebook group for ongoing support for 6 weeks where you can troubleshoot, find your biz besties, and get advice from our certified BrandCrush T.A. along with fellow Crushers.

You'll also have lifetime access to all the videos and course materials so you can work at your own pace or revisit the content at any time.




Pricing: $1,797
Payment Plan: Half to secure your spot, half when we start.

Registration is now closed, but if you're feeling some major FOMO right now and you're ready to finally stand out among the masses, get on the list below. You'll be the first to know when we open the doors again!

Here are some examples from past graduates.


We built BrandCrush because we saw what was missing in the market. This is about more than just custom design, a try-to-make-it-look-good template, or a one-size-fits-all solution. This is about us giving you the confidence to tell your story in a beautiful way and the tools to make changes as your business continues to grow.

Because you’re tired of being held back by a website that doesn’t match who you are...and what you have to offer.

Because you’re ready to stop futzing around with all the details and focus on the creative work you are meant to do. That’s the whole reason you started your business in the first place!

And because you’re ready to have a love affair with your customer. You’re ready to get into the flow of the work and make your magic happen. You are ready to transform your online home into something remarkable.

And we're here to help you make it happen. 



Branding strategist. Creative director.

Tiffany Han is a branding strategist and podcast host who helps highly-creative women raise their hands and say yes - to those businesses they’ve always wanted to have, to those ideas that feel crazy, and to themselves. She helps creative entrepreneurs move beyond their comfort zones to build businesses (and lives) that are based on bold, inspired action.

Tiffany is the real-life Yoda who will help you figure out what steps you need to take to get your big ideas out into the world. She’ll work with you on defining your story and your message in a way that gets you in front of the people who need you the most - your new customers. She’s the founder of 100 Rejection Letters, the voice behind the Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast which has over half a million downloads, and prides herself, more than anything, on being #legitlikehamilton.



Graphic designer. Art director.

Erin Cassidy is the graphic designer behind artsocial, a design studio that is all about making your words and your brand beautiful and 100% you. With an extensive background in art and the inner drive to “keep it real,” Erin’s mission is to make great graphic design accessible to entrepreneurs – without them spending a bajillion dollars or waiting months (a.k.a forever in internet years) for a finished product.

Clients have called her an absolute godsend, a secret weapon, and a graphic design psychic who "just gets it." Not only will she teach you how to build a gorgeous site, but she’ll help you create a visual brand you're proud to share. #nomorejankywebsites



Pricing: $1,797
Payment Plan: Half to secure your spot, half when we start.

Registration is now closed, but if you're feeling some major FOMO right now and you're ready to finally stand out among the masses, get on the list below. You'll be the first to know when we open the doors again!



+ What if I already have a logo and color palette I love and just need a new site?

You're welcome to use your current logo and color palette! However, Erin and Tiffany cannot help with any troubleshooting regarding existing logo files or color palettes. We recommend staying open to a new logo and palette because you never know...the branding process might change your mind! #winkyface

+ Can’t I just do this on my own without BrandCrush?

Welllll... not really. Sure, you can design your own Squarespace site. But Tiffany and Erin have a combined 10 years of experience working with creative entrepreneurs helping them make their work look and sound amazing. They know how to elevate a Squarespace site from good to great by providing the type of strategic and design thinking that only comes from experience. We can help you take your site from DIY-template to oh-hell-yes awesome.

+ But aren't all the cool kids on Wordpress? Why Squarespace?

Actually, no. Here’s the thing: for a long time, Wordpress was the leader in website technology. It offered 100% customization and complete flexibility with available plugins. But - and this is a big but - that’s not necessarily the case anymore.

Here’s why we think Squarespace is the best solution for most small, creative businesses:

  • It’s easily customizable - once your site is built, you can work within the framework to change and customize anything you want without hiring a developer or needing to learn custom code.
  • You don’t actually need all the bells and whistles. I know. You think you do. But you don’t. Just because you can do a million different things with your website doesn’t mean you should or need to. Squarespace websites offer value at the intersection of form and function. We call that a win-win-win.
  • The design experts have done their jobs in creating solid and highly-customizable templates (and we’ll teach you all the secrets so that you can take your template to the next level). With a Squarespace site, you won’t have to spend your time picking nits about ALL THE THINGS. Instead, you can sit pretty knowing that your template was built on a solid foundation and that it’s going to do its job.
  • Because ease, responsiveness, and function equals a happier business owner. You don’t need to spend your time outsourcing plugin updates or worrying about an expired plugin leading to a security concern. With Squarespace, all of that is handled. So you can get on with what matters.
  • It’s easier and cheaper. Again - we call this a win-win.

Also, all those cool kids…more and more of them are jumping ship to say yes to Squarespace. Really. Start asking. You’d be surprised…

+ I don't want my website to look like a template. Is Squarespace right for me?

While it is true that Squarespace has a tightly curated library of templates to work with, the templates are there to act as a jumping-off point. We'll provide tips and tricks for making your template-of-choice look truly unique to you and your business.

+ What pages will you help me build?

The most important pages! You will get video tutorials showing you how to build out a homepage, about page, services page, portfolio page, contact page, and blog. At that point, we're confident you'll feel comfortable on the platform and can start building shops, cover pages, and dropdowns. Oh my!

+ How much time will it take?

That depends. You can work through the course at your own pace. This program was originally created as a 10-day bootcamp, so you're welcome to work through it as quickly or as slowly as you like. Because you'll have access to us for 6 weeks, we recommend diving into the content sooner rather than later so you can ask us questions.

+ Ooh, so Tiff & Erin will be in the Facebook group and I can ask them questions all the time?

While the Facebook group will be moderated by our certified BrandCrush T.A. and we will pop in from time to time, our current obligations don't allow us time to be active in the Facebook group 24/7. It's not where we thrive, but we know how important community is. And we also know how smart all of our Crushers are - seeing them support each other is THE BEST. Like officially. The best. Also, you'll have live access to us on the weekly office hours calls, so we'll be able to walk you through any questions that come up then.

+ How long will I be able to access the program content?

Only LIFETIME access. No bigs. You’ll always have access to the BrandCrush materials and tutorials.

+ My biz is my side hustle. What should I do about my day job?

You can work through the content at your own pace as you will receive lifetime access to the BrandCrush materials and tutorials. However, we do encourage you to find time to attend the office hour sessions so that you can get your specific questions answered by Tiff & Erin!

+ When are the office hours held?

The welcome call will be held on Monday, June 5 at 3pm PST. The call will be recorded and shared with participants.

The weekly office hours are held on Wednesdays at 3pm PST.

  • June 7th, 3pm PST
  • June 14th, 3pm PST
  • June 21st, 3pm PST
  • June 28th, 3pm PST
  • July 5th, 3pm PST
  • July 12th, 3pm PST

If you aren't able to attend live, you'll have a chance to ask your questions in advance and will receive the call recording.

+ What if I need more personalized support?

As a bonus, the first 10 participants to register will receive a 1-on-1 half hour strategy sessoin with Tiffany and Erin, and they're also offering additional Strategy Sessions to BrandCrush participants most months (pending travel, teaching, and speaking obligations). You'll get a chance to book a session if needed once the program wraps up.

+ What if I get stuck and need an answer before office hours?

Squarespace support is RAD and is part of what you pay for when you sign up on the platform. You can ask them any-and-everything and the sooner you're comfortable raising your hand with them, the better! You'll also have access to the Facebook group for troubleshooting help from our certified BrandCrush T.A. as well as the other participants.

+ I'm a blogger and need my blog to be the homepage. Can we make it look goooooood?

Heck yeah! Your blog can be your homepage and it can look oh so good.

+ I'm an artist and need a portfolio page. Is that possible with Squarespace?

Absolutely! Erin will go over how to set up a portfolio page to showcase that lovely work of yours.

+ Can I have a shop on Squarespace?

You bet! While this is NOT something that is covered in the BrandCrush video tutorials, you can add a shop to any Squarespace template. By the end of the course you'll have all the basic know-how to create a shop on your own. We'll also give you all the pertinent links to learn more about it. It's never been easier to sell online, you guys. Squarespace lets you easily create a fully integrated shop and accept payments instantly.

+ What about my existing site? Do I have to start from scratch or can you help me import my content?

With Squarespace, importing existing content is easy peasy. We'll walk you through the steps of making that happen! Note: Squarespace supports content imports from Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace 5, and WordPress. If your current site isn't on one of these platforms, you'll have to manually import your content. If you have a Squarespace 7 site, you'll simply need to switch your template to the one we recommend.

+ I'm THE WORST at technology. Can I really use Squarespace?

Yes! We chose Squarespace for this program for this very reason. Even if you've never used Squarespace - even if you've never heard of it! - its intuitive design and Erin's step-by-step tutorials will teach you everything you need to know to be confident using the platform. And - best of all! - we've designed this program so that you'll walk away empowered to grow and update your site on your own, without hiring a costly developer.

+ What kinds of things should I have in place for the class? I'm worried I may not have the right assets.

Photos are great, but if you don't have any of your own, we'll recommend our favorite stock photo resources (like the GOOD stock photos) to get you started.

+ I’d like to use a logo that I already have or my own signature or handwriting. Is that okay?

Absolutely! The tutorial videos will walk you through how to add a logo to your site, so you're welcome to use your own.

+ If I want to use my already-existing logo, can I still use a BrandCrush logo for an upcoming e-course or product?


+ I’m a major overthinker. Am I going to have the hardest time ever with this?

Maaaaybe. Part of our goal with this program is to force you into making decisions. It’s going to hurt, but it's learning that will leave you empowered to keep making decisions in your business. If you’re up to the challenge, great.

+ I'm a biz newbie. Can I still Crush It with BrandCrush?

While your brand will surely evolve as you deepen your work in your business, this program will give you a clear idea of what you want to say and how you're different from your competition which is going to help you build your business so much faster.

And you'll be able to do it with a gorgeous (and totally nimble!) website that can grow as your business does. As long as you know what your business is, you'll be in good shape!

+ I want a business but have NO IDEA what it is. Is BrandCrush right for me?

If you dream of someday having a creative business but have no idea what that looks like, then you are probably not ready for this program.

+ I don't technically have a business but would love to have a website to use to showcase my creative pursuits. Can I participate?

Absolutely! Any creative endeavors can benefit from brand clarity (even if the only thing you're selling is your ideas!) and we'll be able to give all your creative work a beautiful online home.

+ What if I want to change something after I finish my site?

Of course you're going to want to change something: that's how creative businesses work, and that's why we're teaching you how to use Squarespace. By the end of our time together - and with lifetime access to the course materials - you're going to be a Squarespace champ and will have all the tools and knowledge to change, update, and add to your website as you need to.

+ Can you help me buy a domain? If I have a domain already, can I transfer it?

Yes. And yes. Domain hosting is included in all annual Squarespace account plans. If you already have a domain, we'll give you the information you'll need to transfer it to Squarespace.

+ How much does Squarespace cost?

Websites start at $12/month billed annually or $16/month billed month to month. Get all the money deets here:

+ Can I track metrics on Squarespace?

Yes! It’s easy to add Google Analytics tracking to your website. Also Squarespace Metrics lets you access page views, visitor statistics, mobile usage, all the good stuff.

+ Can I see examples good-looking Squarespace sites?

YES! Check out:,, and these gorgeous sites from BrandCrush alums:,, Oh, and this site you're looking at right now is on Squarespace. Cause we've tried their kool-aid and are drinking it all up!

+ Do I need to know Photoshop or Illustrator?

While we'll show you how to add clean, simple visuals to your website without having to use Photoshop or Illustrator, the only time Photoshop or Illustrator would come in handy is if you use the logo templates we provide. We will walk you through a simple step-by-step process for updating the logo files. Even if you've never used either program before, you'll be able to follow along. Pinky swear! Adobe offers free trial versions of both softwares, so you'll be able to use the programs without having to purchase the software.

+ How will the material be delivered?

The course content is housed on an online learning platform, and you'll have access to everything on Day 1.

+ How do the payments work?

We've divided the program cost into 2 payments. To reserve your spot, you'll pay half of the total amount via PayPal. The remaining half will be sent to you via PayPal on May 30th and will be due by Friday, June 2nd.

+ Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the program, we aren't able to offer refunds. We put a lot of effort and care into creating this course and believe that this course can help you gain brand clarity and confidence to move forward with your business.

+ Will you be running this again?

Yes, although we aren't sure when or at what price!

+ What happens if it sells out and I can't sign up?

If the program sells out, we'll create a waitlist so that you can be the first to know when registration for the next round opens.

+ I have a question you haven't answered. What should I do?

Contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP!

+ I'm in love and all nervous-excited!!! Can I really do this?

You bet. You've SO got this.




Pricing: $1,797
Payment Plan: Half to secure your spot, half when we start.

Registration is now closed, but if you're feeling some major FOMO right now and you're ready to finally stand out among the masses, get on the list below. You'll be the first to know when we open the doors again!