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Let's talk brand words! You've heard this phrase before, but what exactly are brand words? And do you really need them? Don't worry, we've got you covered. This week, we're spilling all the deets on brand words and what they can do for your business. (Yes, they're awesome. Yes, you need them.)

We'll also give you the scoop on the three words we use to define all our work at BrandCrush HQ and share some examples of just how useful they can be! Oh, and bonus: we'll teach you how to make photos of your cat into a brand asset. #meowmerschallenge

We also answer a listener question that is one of our biggest FAQs: should you design your brand and planning around the biz you have now or the one you really, really want?

It's time to get your branding on! Let's do this Crushers!

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