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This week we're talking all about fonts - how to use 'em, how to pair 'em, and how to make sure they're as creative and unique as that gorgeous biz of yours!

If you ever find yourself down the rabbit hole of "which font is the best for me?" this episode is for you! We'll also talk about how you might be using script fonts the wrong way (whuuut?!), and Erin will share her secret weapon when it comes to making sure your font pairings are a match made in Heaven. 

Oh! And! Last week we talked about enthusiasm and Tiffany's #1 love: Hamilton. This week, you'll get to hear what Erin's version of Hamilton is! Hint: get your dancing shoes on, girl!

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A few goodies + show notes for you: 

Get your Hot Mess to Hot Yes Brand Assessment

Bruno Mars at the BET Awards

Bruno Mars on Carpool Karaoke

Cabin font



Droid Serif and Droid Sans

PT Serif and PT Sans

Josephin Slab and Josephin Sans

This week's Crush: Punkpost

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