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Who is the person you need to talk directly to in your business? Not sure? We've got you covered. And if you're thinking, "Oh. I've already DONE my client demographics..." then have a listen. Cuz we're taking all that client avatar talk and giving you a brand new way to think about it in this week's episode. 

Why does this matter? Because getting specific on your ideal client is a key to having a remarkable, crush-worthy brand. And none of us have time for a biz that's watered down. 

Bonus: connecting with clients who are energetically awesome means that your work feels (gasp!) fun and easy. Which is a win for everyone. 

We also tackle a listener question this week about how to deal with seemingly disparate brand words. Is it possible to bring together a few things that seem so different under one brand umbrella? Absolutely. And we spill the beans on how. 

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